The can is 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, light to transport and is not fragile. You can consume in complete safety in open places such as parks, beaches, boates and  camping without the risk of them breaking. Grab a can, sit back, and imagine that you’re on a yacht in the Italian Riviera rather than in a foldable polyester camping chair on your roof. Its 20cl format is ideal for fast and enjoyable consumption

Bring BOLLICINO Everywhere

Bollicino is a naturally fermented, lightly sparkling wine produced in Italy with a superior selection of italian grapes.

Bollicino is crisp, refreshing, and juicy — a perfect canned wine to have in hand during your next trip to the beach or camping site, brah!

Bollicino is a pocket version of 20cl high quality wine with 10.5% in alcohol.